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John-Samuel Kande


Anglais, français et lingala (maternelles)


Boxe (semi-pro), MMA, Kickboxing, Basketball, Football Americain, Football, Natation, horse riding (intermédiaire)

chant, danse


2020 His House / Remi Weekes – Netflix, Regency                    Enterprises, BBC Films, Vertigo Entertainment

2019 Hero supporting role / Frances-Anne Solomon –              HeroFilm, Caribbean Tales

2017 Macdonald Triad Lead/ John-Samuel Kande –                  Tunnel Vision Films

2016 The Legend of Tarzan supporting role / David                Yates – Village Roadshow Pictures, RatPac-Dune              Entertainment, Jerry Weintraud Production

2015 Help Lead / Sue Dunderdale – Actors Centre

2014 We Still Kill the Old Way supporting role /                      Sacha Bennet - Hereford Films

2013 Enchanting supporting role / Rainer Niermann –            Play onFilms

2013 Closed Circuit supporting role/ John Crowley –                Focus Features, Working Title Films

2012 The Perpetrators supporting role/ Nail Adam -              Dutiful Films

2011 The Iron Lady supporting role / Phyllida Lloyd -              DJ Films, Pathe, Film4

2011 Captain America: The first avenger supporting            role / Joe Johnston


2014 24: Live Another Day supporting role / Jon                     Cassar – 20th Century


2017 Holding on Lead / Serge Mirindi - BMVStudios


2022 Evelinn lead / John-Samuel Kande -                                    Tunnel Vision Films

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